Colombian Post Lipo Girdles, Reducing Girdles and Shaping Girdles recommended by famous Surgeons and Beauty Experts

   "Elaborated Girdles with high quality textiles of maximum control from the most prestigious manufactures from Colombia and Brazil"

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We provide a big collection of high quality girdles at bargain prices (Made in Colombia & Brazil)
 On this site you will find the style of Girdle based on your needs and preferences

colombian girdles / fajas colombianas


Shaping, reducing AND SURGICAL Girdle

(Elaborated with Powernet, Lycra, Latex, Nylon, Spandex, Cotton, Microlatex, Microfiber and other textiles)


strong compression


Recommended: Daily Use, Post-Lipo and Shaping Girdle.

BraS NOT included 

Item #  2465

Description: Postsurgical Girdles Girdles made with strong Powernet for using just after a surgical intervention. Soft and strong materials are used to give to the user a high degree of comfort. A highly-resistant weave, for better body compression. Helps-disinflammation process, facilitates the skin to adhere to the muscular tissue and external sewing for easy re-fit. A highly-resistant weave, for better body compression. Post-surgery jacket special for people who got a lipolysis in the arms. Helps-disinflammation process after a cosmetic procedure.  Facilitates the skin to adhere to the muscular tissueSpecial for lipolysis post-surgery


Descripción: Especial para Cirugias Estéticas. Fajas Recomendada para post operatorios de cirugia plástica y estética. Fajas Postquirúrgicas. Línea de fajas elaboradas en fuerte Powernet para usar justo después de una intervención quirúrgica. Se utilizan materiales suaves, resistentes que brindan a la usuaria un alto grado de confort y comodidad. Tejido altamente resistente para una mayor compresión del cuerpo. Chaquetilla post-operatoria, especial para personas que se practican lipólisis en los brazos. Ayuda al proceso desinflamatorio después de un procedimiento estético. Facilita que la piel se adhiera al tejido muscular. Especial para post-operatorio de lipólisis.

Price: $49.99



On this site you will find the style of girdle based on your needs and preferences:

On this site you will find the style of girdle based on your needs and preferences: Shaping Girdles, Postpartum Girdles, Maternity Girdles, Post Lipo Girdles,  Back Corrector Girdle, Control Girdle, Men's Girdles, Medical Girdle, Compression Girdles, Latex Girdles, Brazilian Girdles, Colombian Girdles, Lipo reducing Girdles, Post Surgical Girdles,  Strapless bodysuits, Corsets, Bras Girdles, Shapewear, Post surgical garments, Bodysuits, Plastic surgery, Shapewear, Women's girdles, Liposuction garments, Open bottom girdles, Plus size shapewear, Strapless girdles, Women's shapewear, Girdles for men, Maternity girdles, Women's support girdles, Strapless shapewear, Bridal shapewear, Latex vests, Rubber girdles, Waist cinchers, Latex girdles, Men's girdles.