Colombian Post Lipo Girdles, Reducing Girdles and Shaping Girdles recommended by famous Surgeons and Beauty Experts

 "Elaborated Girdles with high quality textiles of maximum control from the most prestigious manufactures from Colombia and Brazil"


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We provide a big collection of high quality girdles at bargain prices (Made in Colombia & Brazil)
 On this site you will find the style of Girdle based on your needs and preferences

Shaping, reducing AND SURGICAL Girdle

(Elaborated with Powernet, Lycra, Latex, Nylon, Spandex,

Cotton, Microlatex, Microfiber and other textiles)


girdles not zipper / fajas sin cierre

Bras not included / Brasier no incluye


Item # 2005 Item # 8012

Item #  4012 PANTY

Price: $79.00 Price: $45.00

Price: $85.00


Item #  4013 MINI SHORT

Item #: D-2410

Item # D-2416T

Price: $85.00

Price: $72.50

Price: $70.00


Item # D-2417P Item # D-2007 Item # 3301

Price: $70.00

Price: $59.00

Price: $40.00


Item # D-2374

Item # D-2375

Item # D-2389

Price: $67.50

Price: $70.00

Price: $72.50


Item # V-104

Item # V-105-109

Item # V-108

Price: $99.00

Price: $75.00

Price: $89.00


Item # 2145

Item # 2147

Item #: 2169 / 2170

Price: $28.00 Price: $45.00 Price: $28.00


Item #  2180

Item # 2181/2339/2340

Item # 2205

Price: $55.00 Price: $53.00 Price: $35.00


Item # 2309

Item #  2352/53

Item # 2366/67

Price: $30.00 Price: $45.00 Price: $40.00



Item # 2831

Price: $47.00    


On this site you will find the style of girdle based on your needs and preferences:

On this site you will find the style of girdle based on your needs and preferences: Shaping Girdles, Postpartum Girdles, Maternity Girdles, Post Lipo Girdles,  Back Corrector Girdle, Control Girdle, Men's Girdles, Medical Girdle, Compression Girdles, Latex Girdles, Brazilian Girdles, Colombian Girdles, Lipo reducing Girdles, Post Surgical Girdles,  Strapless bodysuits, Corsets, Bras Girdles, Shapewear, Post surgical garments, Bodysuits, Plastic surgery, Shapewear, Women's girdles, Liposuction garments, Open bottom girdles, Plus size shapewear, Strapless girdles, Women's shapewear, Girdles for men, Maternity girdles, Women's support girdles, Strapless shapewear, Bridal shapewear, Latex vests, Rubber girdles, Waist cinchers, Latex girdles, Men's girdles.